does a conventional model need to be vented to the outside of the house?

Just had a new kitchen fitted,where the cooker hood is going to be placed there is no hole/vent to the outside, the tiler has tiled the wall so I dont think they will be making a hole for the vent,I`ve never had a cooker hood,How do they work?

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  1. Bob B says:

    If you are talking about an exhaust hood over a cook stove, the best method is to vent it outside the house. Otherwise you are just recirculating the heat, fumes, etc. even if you filter it. Sounds like someone messed up on your installation? Maybe they are going through the ceiling? Also make sure they vent it outside the house and not just into the attic.

  2. notyou311 says:

    Yes. Otherwise it is purely decorative and doesn’t work to remove smells, etc.

  3. smurf 5 says:

    Short answer. "NO"
    Check with your local building code, but, I have an outside vented hood for the first time in over 40 years. The filter should do a good job.
    Some people prefer inside venting because the accumulation of "kunk" over time has, on the RARE occasion, caused a fire.
    Don’t worry either way.

  4. ANTHONY B says:

    A lot of hoods have the option of either external vent or recycled via carbon filter

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