Fitted cupboards next to gas stove?

My landlord is providing a fitted kitchen. I was shown my plan, which included a unit next to my stove and one above that.
I was told if I had an extractor hood a cupboard could be fitted directly over my stove.
I have since been told that I can have no cupboards above my stove or on the wall to the right of the stove. I was quoted a law stating there has to be a gap next to stove. I’m fine with that but what is the law regarding wall cupboards over a cooker, (which is a Parkinson Cowan traditional, free standing stove, with shut down lid.)

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  1. Glenn N says:

    Take a look at the instructions for your stove,they will give all the dimensions you need and they have the final say so over the regulations.

  2. The Nibbler says:

    Beware I had a new fitted kitchen and it was slammed for H&S reasons, check it out because there has to be, by law, a thirteen inch clearance either side of the cooker for cupboards and definately no cupboards over a cooker.

  3. Pauline says:

    You are probably looking at BS6172.

    600mm clear airspace over the cooking surface if it has a hood.
    700mm if it hasn’t.

    Typical gap between base and wall units is 350mm to give a general idea.

  4. Paul L says:

    Glenn N is right . Mftrs instructions take precedence over British Standards. Many cookers can now be fitted right next to units . These usually have a metal upstand the height of the burners next to the cupboards built into them. But again see manufacturers instructions to see if permitted. Wall units above the burner level have different clearance requirements and specifically above the cooker in the absence of MI is something like 760mm. To either side of the cooker but not above the burner is different again.. Provided there is a 50mm gap from the vertical line drawn up from the cooker 460mm is the height specified in BS.

    Please note this is not for cookers with high level grills . Distances are different.

    Repeat again:-

    There should be a clear drawing in manufacturer’s instructions.

  5. Sawamms says:

    I think the gap between base and wall units is 300 to 400mm in my knowledge.

  6. Sawamms says:

    Many cookers and their extactor hood can now be fitted right next to units..These usually have a metal upstand the height of the burners next to the cupboards built into them.Manufacturer permission even required..I want to know that to extractors hood are too noisy…

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