Height Above Gas Hob?

Please can someone tell me how much gap in millimeters should be between a gas hob and a cooker hood when fitting the hood. Thanks

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  1. andrew128354 says:

    as said above the minimum rec distance as corgi state it , is 760 mm although if the hob manufacturer says less thats what to go by , as there instructions are the legal requirement , if i were you i would go for 760 or more then if you change the hob in future you will not have to move the hood

  2. Cheryl F says:

    that sounds dirty. lol

  3. Sparky says:

    Mine is 600mm, any higher and I think it would be a waste of time having a cooker hood.

  4. THOMAS N says:


  5. daveostrich says:

    it should be a minimum of 600mm from the cooker top ,but how high you have it is up to you. I find screwing it to the ceiling a little bit pointless though!

  6. stitched up says:

    None of the other answers up to now are relevent, the instructions will give you the information, but there are also guidelines from each side.

  7. Look on the bright side. says:

    No less than 600mm.

  8. Firesparky says:

    The distance between hob & hood are 800mm for gas hobs & 700mm for electric hobs

  9. bulldog says:

    6oo mm is the recommended height

  10. plumbcrazy says:

    750mm minimum

  11. biggi says:

    When you purchase your cooker hood the fitting instructions will tell you. Good Luck.

  12. mumbie says:


    You should really ask the sales person before purchasing, then you can check if it actually fits (especially for low ceilings). If they can’t tell you, then you should press them to find out before handing over the money. Those bstards can be pushy!

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