How To Change The Bulb Assembly In NEFF

i don’t know how to ‘dismantle’ the cooker hood in order to reveal the 2 lamp units that i wish to unplug and replace with new ones

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  1. Michael B says:

    Under the hood, you should find a knob on each side. If you give these half a turn, the underside cover should drop down – it is hinged across the back. The bulb is proobably the screw type, and replacement bulbs are easily obtained. They are pretty standard for all makes of cooker hood.

    You will not have to remove the filter, as this is in the cover, which drops down whilst you are changing the bulb.

  2. Pauline says:

    They usually just clip/pull out. Or you may be able to access the bulbs once the filter screen has been taken out.

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