Advice On A Stain Coming Through The Ceiling

Im just having a new kitchen refurb our man has sugar soaped ceiling,which was quite yellow as we didnt have a cooker hood,he then painted the ceiling white but the yellow cooking fat stains came through again,after stain blocking and adding another coat of paint the stain has appeared again does anyone have any ideas.

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  1. not my real name says:

    use a white primer, and then apply paint.

  2. My Loves Sky Blue Eyes says:

    heard of mildew?

  3. kat says:

    could it be damp coming down through the ceiling? had similar prob when chimney breast removed
    good luck

  4. Butler says:

    This site will sort it!

  5. jamand says:

    Hmmm! Fat from cooking is a pain – the only way I managed to stop it completely (in a similar situation) was to paint the area concerned with a white undercoat/primer (normally used for gloss paint) – allow it to dry and then repaint the ceiling.

  6. Shizzle says:

    Stain blocker should have done the trick, two coats and an oil based undercoat

  7. Kate R says:

    Re paint with a primer and then repaint with ceiling paint.

    Check with the paint department at home depo as they may have additional suggestions.

  8. ? says:

    its cooking fat and it wants to be seen

  9. Rick A says:

    This is a common problem in houses where you have stains on the walls and ceiling. Bleeding stains will keep coming through the finish paint because the paint is not bonding to block the stains. To make all the stains go away you will have to paint the stained area with a stain blocker. I recently had stains and they are gone now because of a product call KILZ Stain blocker, KILZ makes a whole line of bonding primers that are used to cover up stains on walls and the ceiling. If it is small areas you can use a spray can of KILZ primer on the areas and then repaint. Read the reviews of the different products on-line.What I would do is paint the stains and the area around the stains with at least one coat of KILZ primer. If the stains are really bad I would paint twice and let dry. You now will be able to put a coat of paint on the stains and they will disappear.They have low odor and several types of heavy stain primers. If it was a large area you could have the stain primer tinted to match your ceiling. Believe me this is a great way to prime your walls, have your stains disappear and get a great finished paint job.I say do it right and always use a bonding primer. It just helps the paint to bond to the walls and it also removes all stains.

  10. ? says:

    I had the same problem and it is a hard one to fix I went to a reputable paint shop and asked for a sealant specifically for this problem which is definitely available as I live in New Zealand it’s probably called some other name. Then I painted the ceiling off white/creamy yellow and the stain hasn’t come through. It’s been painted now for 2 years.We got the sealant from Resene Stockists.

  11. alingap says:

    If the primer/stain blocker did not work, you may have another problem. Removing stains from a kitchen ceiling sometimes leads to just replacing the drywall in the ceiling!! Being that nothing else is working.

    Good luck

  12. ? says:

    On grease stains you hsould use an oil base or solvent based primer/undercoater and not a latex one..Kilz ORIGINAL is good for this but the latex based kilz will not cover heavy stains like this..Latex kilz is a good primer for new drywall, but it does not seal crayon marks,ink marks, grease etcetera nowhere near what it claims..use KILZ ORIGINAL which is a solvent cut… Also when using a solvent cut primer..even the kilz original do not recoat too quick..I know it says one hour drying time to recoat, but if the humidity is high the product may seem dry but it hasn’t cured due to the moisture in the air and will also yellow out on you after a finish coat…wait 4 or 5 hours before painting over it..

  13. taxed till i die, says:

    Paint over the stain with an oil based paint allow to dry then emulsion over.

  14. Taf says:

    You need to seal back the stains with an oil-based undercoat. If there are lots of areas on the ceiling it would be better to paint the whole ceiling with it. After it has dried overnight you can emulsion as normal.

    Stain block is a waste of money. Decorators have been using oil-based undercoat for decades.

  15. tomjackson886 says:

    i painted the area with wood glue then let it dry and the white gloss then let dry and then white emulsion fine now

  16. Evelyn Solar says:

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