What height should it be positioned?

What height should bottom of cooker hood (extractor fan) be positioned? What is height between top of cooker or worktop to bottom of cooker hood? Can someone measure their kitchen one. Thanks

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  1. pockets says:

    I would just make sure that it is high enough that you or whoever is going to be cooking doesn’t hit their head. It really hurts!

  2. southockendon says:

    It’s got to clear the head of whoever uses the cooker most.

    The lower it is the better it works. There is no set height. In my kitchen the HOB is exactly half way between the bottom of the hood and the surface of the floor

  3. Lisa H says:

    I don’t know, but I bump my head on mine all the time and I am only 5’2"…. so my answer is the bottom should be at least a couple inches above whatever your height is.

  4. fizzycrystal says:

    Depends how tall you are. If you don’t want to bang your head at least 30cm above your head. You need space to rattle the pots and pand and swish ladles and spoons around also. A goo guess would be 130cm from hob height

  5. Nutty Girl says:

    hi I measured mine the bottom of my cupboards sit at 18" from the worktop and my extractor fan is 25" from worktop.
    Although some extractors look nicer same height as cupboard.
    Mine a chimney extractor if that helps

  6. Peter B says:

    Hi I am a joiner and have fitted a hell of a lot of kitchens.

    Regulations say at least 720mm from the cooker.

  7. bangkok says:

    kitchen fitter the one above is right 720 for you house insurance to be valid

  8. Spellmaster says:

    Only the kitchen fitter was close with the answers so far.
    Please be careful with this. The height will vary depending on weather you have a gas or electric hob.
    When you buy your new hood, the instructions will tell you exactly the correct height above the hob. Too high, and it will not be effective, too low, and there is a danger of fire if you are unfortunate enough to have a pan fire.
    Do follow the manufacturers instructions. Never just set it so that it looks good. The manufacturer will have considered appearance as well as efficiency when they design the item.
    The head banging that other answers refer to can be overcome at the purchase stage, select a type that is convenient for your height. A tall person may choose a different model to someone who is somewhat smaller, the smaller person should be able to work with most types available.
    If you have bought one second hand with no instructions, contact the manufacturer who will provide the correct information

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