what kind of paint can i use to cover/hide grease stains in my walls/ceiling?

i tried the normal kind of paint to cover and hide these disgusting stains but after a month it come through the paint!!! So please help me??
and if you know why it is doing that please tell me, i have a cooker hood above my cooker, but i am not sure why?

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  1. Steve says:

    The best way to paint over and cover grease stains is the following.
    1. wash off as much of the grease as possible with a mixture of warm water and dish liquid soap
    2. prime with an OIL primer, do not use latex primer for this (you may want 2 coats of primer)
    3. topcoat with 2 coats of a high quality latex paint
    You want oil primer because latex primer cannot seal in the grease and oil . What you are seeing is the oil and grease seeping right through and re-staining the latex paint you put on there. You will now need to prime (maybe with two coats) with an oil primer then topcoat with a high quality (2 coats) topcoat of paint. And yes, latex paint can go over oil primer and vice versa. Where you would have problems is oil paint over latex paint and vice versa. There are people who will say that you have to use oil paint with oil primer and latex paint with latex primer but they are wrong. Primer is manufactured in a way that it can be topcoated with a different base. Good luck.

  2. Deb says:

    painting tips..There are some new primers on the market that will work great on this problem. Check your local Home center or Sherwin Williams.

    Since you have already painted over this area, you may have to sand thru the paint and start over??
    Ask the professionals at the paint stores and read the cans yourself.

    DO NOT use oil base paint. Use only latex.

    You may be able to get away with a light sanding and a good primer. Then repaint the ceiling.

    Primer will be necessary before paint.

  3. Max Headroom says:

    You do know you’re meant to clean old paintwork before painting over it? A bit of Sugar Soap would have got rid of the grease completely.

  4. killerboyrocker says:

    hi,nice to meet you ,well have you tryed to clean it up with a grease cleaner,that always worked for me ,painting will only bring it back as you now know ,so try useing a grease cleaner a strong one ,sure it will be hard at first but you painted over the mess you made ,just try it an then after you get some of the grease off an you feel that its good then paint in an oil base paint ok,bye

  5. Zeusum says:

    As a general rule you cannot paint on top of grease because the paint will not adhere. There is no substitute for thoroughly cleaning the surfaces first.

    I have always found that the traditional sugar soap (traditional in UK that is) to be a very effective cleaner (along with a lot of elbow grease).

    Cooker hoods usually have some form of electrically powered extraction facility built in.

    Addition :-

    The paints sold specifically for kitchens are usually resistant to a kitchen environment – lots of steam etc. The walls still have to be cleaned before painting.

  6. dagonsahoyohoy says:

    apply epoxy paint as primer, no need to clean the area just apply it over the grease then after 2 hours you can apply your desired paint for your kitchen.

  7. pickmefirstplz says:

    clean it with tsp and water

  8. taxed till i die,and then some. says:

    Oil based undercoat

  9. embarrassed says:

    I’d try a sealer/primer product like Kilz.

  10. Fred3663 says:

    Wash with sugar soap before painting
    the cooker hood will only catch from the cooker top, your oven may vent away from the hood

  11. chicagirl51 says:

    You need a stain blocker primer to prime the ceiling and walls and paint again. You can have the primer tinted close to the paint color but if the ceiling is white don’t have it tinted. Should have cleaned the walls and ceiling first with TSP before painting.

  12. Typo says:

    I do not know where you are located, so that makes it tough.

    In the US use a product called Kiltz. You can get a spray can for small areas or in cans from a pint up tp 5 gallons in size. use tow coats and then top with your regular paint.

    Another, more traditional product is a white pigmented shellac. It is also called a primer/sealer.

    Water base paints do not do near as good a job with grease, so avoid then. (You do not want to have to do it over.)

    This is a very common situation so any good hardware store or paint store should be able to help you.

    Then same problem happens with some juices, markers, crayons, pens, etc.

    It is a easy fix. Good luck!

  13. Taf says:

    Originally you ought to have wiped off as much of the grease as possible with anything that will do it, eg. white spirit. To seal back the residue, use an oil-based undercoat, then emulsion as normal.

    Most of the answers here, saying to use primer etc. are nonsense.

  14. nedree@verizon.net says:

    all stains that bleed through.must be primed(just the spot) with oil based or alcohol based paint.then cover with the paint of your choice.job finished.

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